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Get Involved

Volunteering.  It Helps Others.  It Helps You.

Volunteering is a scary thought to most people.  We worry about having the right skills to make a good contribution.  We worry about having enough time.  We worry - and we shouldn't.

Volunteering helps others.  Whether you are helping at the annual Sauerkraut Supper or at a food drive, in home visitations, the hot lunch program or as a sports coach or club leader - whatever you can offer, your efforts do make a huge difference!

What so many of us need to remember is that God has encouraged us to focus on the needs of others rather than our own.  Volunteering in any form helps us do that. 

When serving our Lord and by helping others who can't otherwise help themselves, we are following God's will for us. 

So the next time you think about "volunteering", think about it in a new way. Think.. how am I able to help with the resources and skills I do have?  Bake sale? Bake some cookies or even buy a cake at the sale.  Food Drive?  Donate a can or lend a hand.  Altar Guild? Just a couple hours per week one month in the year.  Habitat for Humanity?  Sign me up!

Regardless of how old you are, when you volunteer - you grow! 

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